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My final post on VVPS- Congrats to the big 2, A million Thank yous, Kylie’s injury & flop, pole hiatus

Gee I took such a long time to post this up. ANyway first of all, congrats again to Olly and CHunky Monkey on making it to #1 and 2!  Also congrats to Mona, Lolita and Jenny for being in the finals. you guys rock the pole!

I’m still recuperating from my internal injury I sustained a day or so before the competition. I must say I was a walking calamity on the day of the contest. I guess I was plain unlucky to have sustained the injury before the competition and had not any time to heal=( The pain on my internal injury was so immense even when I walk, what more work on the pole. I actually stopped and did nothing (except walk/stood awkwardly with awkward moves around the pole) for almost 8 counts after my first spin on the pole during my group solo.*sob* It was like a knife stabbing my inner left ab that I had to stop suddenly. And after that the pain bugged me still but the show had to go on no matter what; I could not execute most of the moves which I’ve planned and rehearsed  properly so I freestyled the best I can with lousy moves done in a lousy fashion too with barely any trnasitions.sniff!! Oh well. It’s over.

Sad to have lost; but I won’t give up. I look forward to do better when I’m up on my feet again in the future.

Anyway, I’m glad for all who have come to support me – A million thanks to:

#1 – My precious dum2 – I love you so much! Thanks for the lovely bouquet dearest. Thanks for always being there u’re my no. 1 always *muaxie muax muax muax*=)

#2 – my family – Thanks for cheering and supporting ur “niao chu kia”

#3 –  Rose, Elaine, Suet, Az, Ain,  – Thanks for the two lovely banners..I knwo there’s not enough space, but I’m really touched for all ur effort..and for cheering for me too. Love u guys!

#4 – Hasnul – Thanks for being my best photographer ever! Thanks for bearing the stuffy place and taking nice shots of me and my pole buddies. Ur pics are always awesome, despite the challenging environment u wre in – bad lighting /elbows blocking etc.

#5 – Emma, Leila, Dan, William, Kit, Mondie, Jin – Thanks for coming guys! I’m really touched by ur support. 

#6 – Wei Yu – Thanks for designing such  a lovely banner,

#7 – EThan – Thanks for purchasing the 3d animation jap chick with a hot hottt body for Kylie’s head for the banner.hahahah. Thanks for coming too~

#8 – RIchard – Last but not least, many thanks to Richard of MatrixMax for sponsoring the pweettyy banner.

Gee, I’m really touched by all of you who have supported me in so many different ways. Thanks a million once again..

RIght now, the most important thing is recovery. I went to see the doc who said I may have injured my spleen (an organ situated behind the left ribcage). He gave me some stuff to apply on first and if I don’t recover by this weekend I’m suppose dto go for another checkup to scan what’s wrong inside. Sniff. I hope i would recover soon. I don’t want to remove my spleen. I will be taking a break from pole, until I recover, this may take some time. Maybe months. It seems that the pain from my spleen have spred to my left arm and shoulder as well. Tomorrow I will have a class from Miko, I might just go and take a video of what she will be teaching as I don’;t think they allow us to replace the classes. I will learn it later when I recover.

Below are some pics from the competition and some post competition pics as the banner is too large to place it anywhere at the venue the other day.

Nervous wreck + Final training

We had our final rehearsals on two days ago and we managed to complete our group routine.Whew. I went for pole access yesterday but did not manage to complete my routine as my sweaty palm gave way =( when it’;s excessive even Titegrip doesn’t work for me. *sniff* I think I injured the inner part of my left ribcage – the pain is excrutiating and sharp at certain movements. Might have been the inverts at Miko’s class I attempted, sorta hit my left ribcage really hard on the pole by accident. I gotta bear it tomorrow. I hope it goes away at least by a third. Else I might appear awkward on stage. And I’m praying hard that my sweaty palms don’t haunt me tomorrow during my performance.  I’m so so so nervous! I memorized the solo routine in my head , but i might just forget when butterflies start to hip hop in my tummy tomorrow. Oh crap. and I gotta work around my poor vision tomorrow too, I hope it is not too dark at the club. It’s awful enough in brightly lit areas, what more in a club! I don’t wanna be banging the pole with my steps. I guess my mind’s a mess now thinking too much. Oh well. Hmm dark clouds aside, i received a lovely banner made by my colleagues and my very kind supplier today. Thanks Rose,Elaine, Tiha and thanks RIchard for sponsoring. I am touched and I’m very grateful indeed. =)

gonna turn in soon. tmr’s the day..Oh boy.

time flies!

oh crap. only 2 days left! I’m getting really worried cause i have not prepared for the solo routine. My group solo is more or less prepped, but I have alot to improve on making it “clean”. I went for pole access on Monday but was mainly practising spins. Somehow i can’t practise my routine without listening to the song. Yesterday I was rushing on my fanlist, chasing my friends on confirmation and such. Whew, it’s done with finally. I have yet to decide what to wear. After the disaster on wearing a skirt the other day for the in house pole competition,  I have a phobia of wearing dress/skirt now. But they look best presentation wise. I really need to get a realllly short one if i wanna wear those. Oh well. Gotta be confirming my attire soon to show Lola for approval. I wanna go shopping at times square as Miko said there’s plenty of dance attire to choose from. hmm.. no time=(

I ‘ll have to rummage my wardrobe again for what’s suitable, or perhaps just try out my white dress thingy on the pole to see if it is ok.

Later today I’ll be having group rehearsals at Kota Damansara, and tomorrow, I will be having a class with Sam. I won’t be able to practise my routine on both of these days. I’m still tyring to book pole access at 7pm-8pm today before I head to group rehearsals – well 1 hour is better than nothing but seems like they dont have it for today=(

My only day to practise is this Friday! I hope pole access is open cause I can’t depend on my lousy pole. Sniff. If there is no pole access I might be borrowing a pole in an Ah Beng club which has poles as a last resort. I hope the lady boss is nice enough to let me play my solo music. I went there for pole jamming before with Jon Ti & Kenny when there are not many people around. Anyway, this club is an old men’s club, not nice to pole when there are people around – u might get men ogling and it’s very uncomfortable. If I could make it there by 6.30pm after work, the place should be still empty and I can practise (I hope!). There are other options:

CLub 6 & 9: Ramesh the boss is kind to open the floor for practise – most of the time the place is empty but the podium is too small for transitions.

Club 22 @ hartamas: This club has 2 poles, the bar manager Zianne is a nice lady who allows pole access with purchase of one drink. The floor is cement though, so floorwork is impossible. This club is normally quiet – one or two tables occupied.


Zanzibar@Hartamas – the manager allows pole access but with prior notice, but this plac eis packed even on weekdays early evening, I never tried poling here before.

gotta run now. til my next post.

Of Rehearsals Day 5, in-house competition jitters, and blurry me

Gee missed out on blogging yesterday as my flu was full swing. I was sleeping until 5.30pm.  I was totally knocked out. I was unwell on Fri itself and Sat I was still sickly but I took a cocktail of Meds: Panadol for fever and Clarinase for runny nose  for the sake of the in-house competition. Also took ginseng to work up some energy as I was feeling meek. it helped a whole lot! Since I am not doing anything important, I did not take those meds yesterday as I thought it’s better to let my body battle it by itself as these meds have got undesirable side effects. I’m better today thankfully, fever’s gone but the flu is still there, hope it goes away soon, need to start practising for the competition~~

We had our 5th group rehearsals on Sat and managed to add on more moves. Eeps.I was a bit late as I was sick, the med I took the night before somehow knocked me out to sleep abit longer than I should. Just realised we have got one rehearsal left and we got quite a bit to complete before this Sat. 4 days left to VV Polestars! =O

Anyways, Jenny took a vid of our rehearsals, the link below:

She’s one tough cookie! Glad to see her back on her feet after her operation.

Olly was unwell so she didn’t make it. Poor girl. I hope she has recovered by now.

Lolita and I had to rush to Bangsar for the in house competition at 4pm and both of us were unprepared..heh but we could not pull out from the competition. I was supposed to do a rehearsal on Fri and also Sat morning but was too worn out. I managed to practise the first 45 secs of the song a week ago and that’s about it. Since I was unwell I just immersed myself in the song on Fri and Sat, kept playing it over and over forming moves inside my lil head.

I had a dozen butterflies prancing in my stomach when I arrived at the dance studio for the in house competition. I was the last contestant and when my name was called out, my heart was pumping as heck and the butterflies were already having a party in my tummy. My first move on the pole was to climb and do a tucked seat. It was a disaster. I wore a tutu skirt and it got in the way I slided down the pole in my first attempt to climb. Sucks huh. My heart skipped two beats at that moment and I started to panick. My mind went blank. I had to lift up my skirt in front of the audience to climb the pole again after sliding. I swear it was s sight to behold. My heart was screaming and I wished the floor would break open and swallow me.

I managed to execute some of the moves I planned in my head and those initial parts i’ve done, the rest I was freestyling and was piroutteing around the pole as I was thinking what to do next. I forgot to smile and look at the audience as  my vision was very blur, I’ll explain why later. But I believe this can be worked on no matter what.

Gee, anyway, I don’t know this is luck or what but I won.

I was convinced otherwise as for one, I did coupla mistakes and was not prepared, for another, I have low self esteem. I know this is not a good thing, but it is somehting I’ve battled with for years. It started when my right eye got blind like a decade ago. 

I’ll write a bit of it here as I might need some understanding sometimes from my contestant pole buddies, there are times when I am blur during group rehearsals and make mistakes because I cannot see properly (so sorry guys..). I’m not very verbal on stuff like this as it is not something anyone should be proud of and i express myself in writing better and here goes. Only those close to me knows as it cannot be seen by the naked eye as it is inside my eye. I have  a scar on the middle of my right eye retina, blocking my 90% of my sight. This was caused by a parasite (Toxoplasmosis gondii – Ok i know it sounds scary but pls dont freak out cause this parasite is dead in me) that attacked my retina when I was 11. I’m only relying on my left eye on everthing I do eversince as there is no cure for this retinal scarring. So yea. I started to have super low self esteem since and got into depression and all that crap for 6 years, I almost went crazy as in u know, CRAZY the tanjung rambutan type of crazy. I stopped schooling for 2 years and all. My life was haywire as my mind went the same way.It took me time to pick up the pieces and be my self again. Looking back I was really silly for being so worked up back then. I ‘m thankful for the way I am now and am used to my condition. My self esteem was like negative, i’m not in that realm anymore thankfully but I definitely still need to improve on that.

SOmetimes I wear contacts when practising or performing for pole and because of what I have, docs advised me to use only daily disposables because I cannot risk losing my left eye to any infections etc – monthly lens or permanent toric lens may make me susceptible to eye infections. My left eye astigmatism is like 450 and the max for dailies are about 150 i think. So yea, my vision is pretty bad when I’m wearing contacts than wearing specs . I can’t be wearing specs to perform, so I’m abit worried cause I cannot see clearly with my only eye with contacts. I tend to always focus on the pole not the audience because of that. I really need to work on this.

Anyway I think i wrote too much. I just got an email from Lola on fan list! I forgot about it until last night. I’m getting my friends to confirm asap today. I will send it by tonight. Hope that is still ok.

I wanna post pics up but I am at work now, the pics are at my personal laptop. Maybe I will post it tonight. Hehe. For now u guys can look at Lolita’s website:

Sorry babe. Hope you don’t mind.

tata for now.

Too sick to pole (Round 2)

*sneeze* *cough* *wheeze* *sniff*

I got a full fledged flu today. Sob.I feel totally worn out, weak and meek. I’ve an in hous epole competition tmr i swear i did not prepare anything! gonna be a total disaster. I will be using the same song as the one i chose for grand finals for vv polestars and supposedly the same choreo too but i have yet to prepare to choreo except the first 45 secs. Help.! I tried to pull out yesterday but Sam said no pulling out. Oh well.

Last resort, I’ll just pole jam, i might repeat the same moves over during choruses and i dunno what transitions im gonna do. gosh. *faint*

sniff sniff

Down with cold and fever today, didn’t blog on 4th rehearsals as i started feeling under the weather the night itself when I got back. Oh well. Hope it goes off soon. So much to do, so lil time. sniff sniff.I will write more tomorro when I feel better. Below is a pic i stole from Tesa’s blog.heh =) Taken from Wed’s rehearsals.. Also my titegrip is here.. got it on Tue, haven’t really gotten to test it out yet, hopefully I could tomorrow and I hope it works! Geez, I accidentally posted double pics for both and i don’t know how to remove it. More like i’m too tired to figure out how. oh well. logging off~

Of my semis solo routine practice and picking a pole costume

Had pole access today at Talent hub and managed to practise my solo routine for the semis..Whew. I injured my right wrist n it hurts bad now. Got this last week already but I think today’s routine exacerbated it a bit more..heh. No pain, no gain, that was what Sam told makes sense huh.

I sustained awful brusies on my thighs too, knees as well. Looks as though i’ve been domestically

I got a surprise parcel today..hehe i will post a silly pic of it tomorrow.muahahha

Lolita and Jon Ti was there at the practice too, they both did very well IMHO. You guys should watch them at the finals. =)

Hmm i was ransacking mmy wardrobe for possible attire for my costume and I did abit of shopping last week and found the below. WHich one fits Kylie better?Angelic white or devilish red? hehe. Uhm bearing the rules of the competition in mind, I will wear tube/ and pants in side the white outfit. I will pair the dress with matching hairbands and gloves.

Day 3 rehearsals and my failed attempt at solo practise

We had our 3rd day of rehearsals yesterday. I was late as I met an accident with my car the day before and did not have any transport to Freedom Kinetics earlier. My car is in bad shape. Geez, I ‘ve so much bad luck these days I wonder if I should buy sports toto. First i was admitted to hosp, now my it’s my car’s turn. And tonight, my spare car’s battery died when I wanted to go home from usj 9. I spent 2 hrs to get it jump started – somehow the jumpstarter thingy was not as effective as it should.

Yikes, i digressed. Anyways, back to day 3 rehearsals – we managed to move on a lil bit further on the background dance routine (The group background dance as our other mates go for their solos). I tried out my solo routine which I mapped out in my head. I did not warm up properly and I think i sorta sprained my right leg. Crap. I hope it goes away in time. Other than that we have yet to come up with our group routine proper – whereby we have a troupe/duo pole performance in pairs for 3 min. Olly and Jenny was not there, so it’s best that we work that out when we meet up this coming Wed. Am hoping for a more productive rehearsal.  Time is running out!

I tried out my solo routine today at my pole in usj 9, but after my 2nd try, the pole started to lean like the leaning tower of Pisa.

It;s tough to put this pole back,you need hell lotta strength. My bf was the one helping me out all along but he was not available so I had to wait til he is back tomorrow to help me. I could do a few spins tomorrow and I know it would crash again. You can’t expect much from China made poles. Oh well. I wanna perfect my Semi’s solo by tomorrow and start working on the Grand finals standby solo routine later this week. My leg is hurting, my pole is crap, I hope I can still work things out before time runs out~I’ve booke dpole access this Tue, hope it would be  a worthwhile one~~


logging off now~

VV Pole Stars Rehearsals Day 2!

Yay , I’m feeling alot better today. Thank God!


We met up for practice today based on the new song. Yikes I will only post this up tomorrow together with our practice vid yesterday. Gonna turn in soon as it’s late~~~~

We managed to complete one min of the choreo, hehe, mostly poses and attitude moves. I’ll be taking the first 1 min solo slot. First to go on the pole=|.Gee butterflies are back doing nasty stuff in my tummy now. I hope i don’t slip and fall.sniff.. My palms are always sweaty even now as I type its icky sticky with sweat..  I hope My Tite Grip arrives on time. They sent it via normal mail..I might not get it on time. Pls pls come on time and I pray that customs do not seize it~~ like what they did to my lousy pole. They thought it’s for “menari bogel” (Strip dance) hence they seized it in customs. Was pretty troublesome to get it back from them.

I’m gonna turn in now. Was cracking my head on what to do for my solo. Gee. Looking for inspiration from youtube. I’m gona try to pole jam this weekend based on the song and see how it flows with a lil bit of pre planned move sI have in mind right now.I will most prolly do it in Hartamas pole access, as my pole is in prettty bad shape now. I hope viva poles come out soon, i’ll definitely grab one for my home~~ =)

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